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'Trunk-or-Treat' Event to be Held at Dimmick Park on Halloween

At its council meeting this past week, the Borough of Hellertown authorized a “trunk or treat” event to be held in Dimmick Park.

“The Saucon Valley High School Band is wanting to have a concert at Dimmick Park. … What I thought would be kind of neat would be to have a ‘trunk or treat’ there also at the same time.” Mayor Heintzelman said he had asked the Hellertown Area Library to see if they were interested in participating with the event as well. “We’re thinking October 31, 2023. Because trick or treat is 6 to 8pm, we wanted to do it 5 to 7.”

Mayor Heintzelman then asked Council about costs incurred from holding the event at Dimmick Park. Council President Thomas Rieger stated the costs would be “minimal.” Council unanimously approved the plan as presented.

This would be the first time in Saucon Valley that a community event would be held during the same time as the community’s trick or treat. Based on comments on social media, some have taken issue with the apparent scheduling conflict.

One commenter remarked, “Great idea but have it another time. We bought candy to hand out and now all the kids will be at the park.” Another asked, “Why would they do it the same day as trick or treat?”

Still another lamented the dilemma it creates as a parent of a high school band member. “The concert at Dimmick is an awesome idea. We have kids in the band and enjoy watching, but this creates a big conflict having it at the same time as trick or treat.” Others on social media applauded the idea, stating, “Sounds like fun!”, and "what a great idea."

One item Council did not address was any potential hazard created by additional vehicle traffic to and from Dimmick Park at a time when kids would be strolling through neighborhoods trick-or-treating.

While details remained a bit thin, as it stands currently the community can expect to be serenaded by the high school band at the Dimmick Park trunk or treat event on October 31st from 5pm to 7pm. Please follow the Borough of Hellertown’s Facebook Page for more info as the event approaches.

Related, the Hellertown Halloween Parade is also holding an event in Dimmick Park on October 22, after the Hellertown Halloween parade. Read more about the parade in this article.



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