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  • Bonnie Savage

Steel City Paving Project Set to Begin Next Week

Per an email notification from Lower Saucon Township to its residents, sent on behalf of Bracalente Construction, Inc., the Steel City repaving project is set to begin on Thursday, September 7th.

You can read more about this project in our previous story, found here.

The email goes on to caution that Thursday's start date "is subject to our current schedule completion & weather." Regardless, the email also states that the "project is expected to last approximately 30 days which is subject to necessary number of repairs & of course weather." While a 30-day repaving project may seem long, the project has a large scope.

Bracalente Construction's email goes on to remind residents of the following:

  • No Street Parking - between 7am and 5pm, Monday through Friday, ALL roads must be clear of any vehicles.

  • Temporary Road Closures - roads will need to be closed occasionally during operations. All residents are asked to please be patient and prepare accordingly.

Also included in the email is an offer to those interested in millings from the project. Asphalt millings can be used for driveways, parking areas, alleys, or other non-public areas. If interested, please contact Dominic Bracalente, V.P. of Bracalente Construction, Inc. at (410) 371-0368. He also encourages residents with any questions to also call him directly.

The email in its entirety, can be seen here. According to their website, Bracalente Construction, Inc. is "a full service bituminous paving company serving Eastern Pennsylvania's public and private sectors." Their customers include PennDOT, the PA Turnpike/Lehigh Valley Interchange, Lehigh Valley International Airport, and numerous water plants throughout the Valley.

You can learn more about Bracalente Construction, Inc. by visiting their website, found here.

To sign up to receive similar emails from Lower Saucon Township, use this link to their website to sign up.


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