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  • Brad Chambers

Pickleball Comes to the Saucon Valley Community

Pickleball, American's fastest growing sport, will be coming to the Saucon Valley community with the installation of courts in Lower Saucon Township's Polk Valley Park.

As discussed by the Lower Saucon Township Parks & Recreation committee since the start of 2023, the full Township Council voted unanimously at its July 2023 council meeting to approve spending $107,000 to install four pickleball courts in Polk Valley Park.


Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It's played with a solid paddle and a plastic ball on a rectangular court divided by a net. Players hit the ball back and forth over the net aiming to keep it in bounds. Typically, pickleball is played as doubles, and points are scored only by the serving team.

While the sport has been around since the mid-'60s, a recent boom in it's popularity has driven many communities to install courts. It's an easy sport to learn and play and is also an inclusive sport - able to be enjoyed by people of varying athletic ability and skill.

According to Township Manager Mark Hudson, the bulk of the project will be completed by the Township Public Works department. Quoted from meeting minutes, Hudson stated, "...aside from the installation of several benches and fencing around the courts, Township [Public Works] staff will be completing all the work. Hudson also explained that while township employees do not have experience with line painting on courts, they will be instructed by the contracted company in order to be able to maintain the courts going forward.

Additionally as part of the project, Township Council approved paving over a small gravel parking lot next to where the new courts will be built.

To learn more about the Polk Valley Park, or any of the other seven parks in Lower Saucon Township, please visit



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