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  • Alice Banks

Opinion: This Election Our Family Will Not Vote Democrat

This opinion piece was submitted by a resident of the community.


Growing up, my parents, siblings and I were lifelong Democrats. As an adult I have tended to vote more middle of the road. Although at one time both my husband and I both worked, for some years now I have not worked. Instead, I am now what many would call a soccer mom, spending a great deal of my time taking care of my family. I do all the food shopping and go to the library at least twice a month. I have a family member that is gay and friends with adult children that have transitioned. I’m just a regular citizen and resident of Lower Saucon Township, and truly consider the Hellertown area our hometown.

This election my husband and I and our family will not vote with the Democrats. That is because this party has lost its way. The Democrat slate running for Saucon Valley school board lead by Vivian Demko has gone very radical and the current teacher’s union president may be worse. This president, who supposedly represents the wishes of the teachers, wants a “gender affirmation club” to be instituted in the school. Please keep the sexualization of our children out of the Saucon Valley School District, especially the Elementary School! Also, at a recent forum Vivian Demko was asked if a child asked to change their gender preference, “should the parents be informed?” And her answer was essentially, NO. Enough is enough!

These are not their children, and they are using them as political pawns to advance some radical agenda. More recently, there has been news that a Middle School teacher was suspended due to numerous allegations of unwanted touching. My understanding is that the Superintendent placed that teacher on paid leave. I have been told that the teacher’s union president however has lobbied to have this teacher reinstated, even before the investigation’s outcome. This is bizarre! Is this true? Could these things be happening in Saucon Valley? Does the teacher’s union president have children of her own? No parent would ever agree to this! If it is found that this teacher is innocent of this heinous thing, and I hope he is, then by all means reinstate him.

As for the Lower Saucon Twp “feud”, it is looking more and more like Hellertown has something to hide, and that is likely mismanagement. Why else would the Hellertown Library and Council insist that Lower Saucon Twp pay the majority of the library’s budget without proportional representation? Aren’t we in America? Didn’t we fight a war over taxation without representation? This is a matter of basic fairness. The Borough is in huge debt without a lot of ways to repay it. The tax rate in Hellertown is already much higher than Lower Saucon’s. Our current LST Council has managed our tax dollars well. Yes, the Landfill pays nearly a third of our budget. It has been there and operating for virtually every citizen’s lifetime, so why fight to close it down now like Deleon wants? This sounds like nothing more than politics. If she really thinks that we are better off without the landfill money, then that is scary, and she has no business being on Township Council. She and her running mates want us to go down the path that the current Hellertown Borough Council is leading my hometown. Which is, broke with rising taxes and no light at the end of the financial tunnel.

For the good of our children and future grandchildren, this time I will vote for Blair, Inglis, Yerger for Lower Saucon Township Council and Welch, Karabin, Eichfeld, Erickson-Parsons, Baxter for Saucon Valley School Board. I know, at least I hope, there is enough common sense and family values in our community to overcome radicals like Demko and Deleon.

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