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PA Rep. Milou Mackenzie Calls for Northampton County Executive McClure's Resignation

This press release was submitted to Saucon Voice and posted by Rep. Mackenzie.

Dear Editor:

The Election Day voting machine fiasco that occurred in Northampton County is weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of the voters and candidates throughout the county, the state, and the nation. People everywhere already have serious concerns about the integrity of our elections, and having machines and software that are registering votes incorrectly and shutting down for periods of time on Election Day is completely unacceptable.


Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure already has acknowledged that the machines were having problems as far back as 2019, yet he and his staff, along with other citizens tasked with checking the machines before Tuesday, were asleep at the wheel and seemingly did not bother to check the system or give it a proper test run prior to the election.


Mr. McClure and the machine manufacturer’s representatives have chalked this disaster up to “human error” and “laziness.” I would like to add the adjectives of incompetence, indifference, and irresponsibility to that description. It is time for Mr. McClure and the ES&S voting machines to go.


I am demanding to know the names of everyone who was asked to check the machines in advance of the election. Each and every one of them needs to resign from their positions. The restoration of the voters’ and candidates’ confidence in our free and fair elections is no small and insignificant matter.


Mr. McClure, his staff, and the group of people who failed to check the machines have brought shame and disgrace to Northampton County. We are being ridiculed and mocked on national television and in political discussions everywhere. The buck stops with Mr. McClure, and he needs to resign. We need to protect the voters of Northampton County well before the election of 2024.


He needs to resign today.



Milou Mackenzie, State Representative



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