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Five Things that Make Hellertown GREAT!


Family Oriented & Community Support

Hellertonians rarely move away it seems. Generations of families are lifelong members of the fabric of Hellertown! Family values of hard work, service to others, and community pride shine through the community leaders, elected officials, business owners and most importantly a great many of its citizens. They tow their own weight, support their families through hard work, and are financially conservative, self-reliant people. More than that, they are always working to do what’s best for their neighbors.

Hellertown has beautiful churches, thriving shops and businesses, as well as relaxing social clubs. These organizations help to make Hellertown the great place that it is. In your greatest time of need or for plain old every day support, you can count on Hellertonians and the institutions that make the community such a desirable place to live, work, and play.

Friendly Walkable Neighborhoods

Rarely can you drive through Hellertown and not see your neighbors walking on the sidewalks. Keeping fit is as much social as it is keeping yourself feeling good as you walk about the neighborhoods. It’s an activity-friendly community as well, with numerous parks and other recreational areas scattered throughout.

Of course, there is the Saucon Rail Trail as well, offering more than 7 miles of repurposed railroad track land that has been turned into one of the Lehigh Valley’s nicest trails. In fact, you can hop right off the trail in downtown Hellertown and grab a bite to eat at any of the numerous restaurants within walking distance.

Dimmick Park & Hellertown Pool

Dimmick Park is located adjacent to the Mountainview section of Hellertown. Hellertown has arguably one of the best parks and recreation systems in the Lehigh Valley. Most every day Dimmick Park is full of children participating in whatever activity that the season offers.

Dimmick Park also hosts an annual summer series, ‘Music in the Parks.’ These musical performances scheduled monthly throughout summer draw hundreds, if not 1,000+ community members to spend time with one another enjoying this beautiful park. It’s also the home to the Saucon Valley Easter Egg Hunt.

Hellertown also boasts one of the largest municipal pools in the Lehigh Valley with an extra-large shallow area that little kids, big kids, and parents love. The Hellertown Pool was built during the Great Depression and it is a testament to the many Hellertonians who worked so hard to build and maintain this community asset.

Small Town Government with Big Time Care

Though Hellertown has a small municipal complex and post office, it more than makes up for that with the friendly, happy staff that are always willing to help you through any problem. From help with your mail to building permits or leaf pickup, Hellertown takes great care of their citizens. Hellertown’s leadership and staff are accessible, approachable, and in many cases, neighbors.

Saucon Valley School District

Rounding out the list is the Saucon Valley School District. Consistently ranked as one of the top districts in PA, many families choose to raise their children in Hellertown as Panthers. A dedicated staff of hardworking teachers, administrators, coaches, and support staff ensure that all Saucon students are well-equipped to become contributing members of their community. With small class sizes and a close-knit alumni community, Saucon Valley School District is highly desirable for parents and students alike.



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