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Hellertown Police Chief Robert Shupp Resigns Abruptly

This is a developing story and will include more details when available.

UPDATE: Hellertown Borough Council met this evening. The following public statement was read:


"Recently the Borough discovered some discrepancies with the former Police Chief's payroll. Following this discovery, the Borough Council conducted a preliminary investigation which revealed these discrepancies were not caused by clerical errors but were more serious. This matter, the Borough Council takes very seriously. At this time, the Borough Council believes the best course of action is to have further investigation conducted by outside officials. To that end, we are referring this matter to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office. Because this matter has been turned over to State authorities, we'll have no further comment until the investigation is completed."

Robert Shupp's resignation was then unanimously approved by Council. Rather than appointing an interim chief, a motion was made to table appointing a chief, until Council has had an opportunity to evaluate all interested candidates. In the meantime, Officer Fragano was approved to lead the department.

More updates to follow.

According to a posting to the Borough of Hellertown's Facebook Page, an emergency council meeting has been scheduled for Friday, October 6th at 7PM.

According to the posted agenda accompanying the meeting, there will be a public statement prior to approving the resignation of Hellertown Police Chief, Robert Shupp. The next agenda item is to "Authorize Borough attorneys to coordinate with State Authorities on this matter", and finally to appoint an interim chief of police. Residents will have an opportunity to comment on the agenda.

The meeting will be held at Hellertown Borough Hall beginning at 7PM. Residents can also join via Zoom to watch the meeting remotely.

Zoom Info:

Borough of Hellertown

Emergency Council Meeting Agenda

Friday, October 6, 2023

7:00 pm Borough Hall & Zoom

Website Link to Join:

Phone Number:1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 880 1442 5042

Passcode: 2023

Check back for more developments.



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