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  • Brad Chambers

Council Approves Term Limit Referendum

At the July 26, 2023 Lower Saucon Township Council meeting, a majority of Council voted (3-1, Priscilla DeLeon against) to ask Lower Saucon voters to amend the Township Charter to limit the terms of councilmembers to two (2) consecutive 4-year terms. Lower Saucon voters will get their say on November 7, 2023 during the general election.

Ordinance 2023-07 proposes letting Lower Saucon residents decide whether the township's councilmembers should be limited to two consecutive four-year terms, for a total of eight years in office.

Specifically, the following question shall be placed before the voters:

"Do you favor the adoption of an Ordinance that would amend the Township's Optional Plan of Government and Administrative Code to impose a two (2) consecutive term limitation (eight (8) total years) for Lower Saucon Township Council elected members commending with the terms that begin on January 5, 2026, and continuing thereafter for all elected Council members; any years of service by an individual who was appointed to Council shall not be included in the 8 total year limitation. YES or NO?"

The idea of imposing term limits, or a mandatory restriction on how low elected representatives can serve in office, is supported by large majorities of most American demographic groups. Term limit measures are opposed primarily by incumbent politicians and the special interest groups that rely on those incumbent politicians. The vast majority of voters feel that election to public office should not only be temporary but also based on merit instead of political longevity and name recognition without results.

Candidate for Council, Susan Blair, a lifetime Lower Saucon resident, has made this issue an important part of her campaign platform. She shared her approval of this measure:

"Term limits are critical to fixing what's wrong with government. Elected office should represent a short-term privilege of public service, not a career choice of do-nothing lifelong politicians intent on self preservation. Serving as a member of Council should be just that - service, not a career. This is a step toward ensuring that Council works for the residents, not for themselves and another taxpayer-funded paycheck. This effort will go a long way to positively impacting Lower Saucon, and I appreciate the majority of Council's support on this important issue. I encourage all Lower Saucon residents to vote 'YES" on the referendum."

Voters will get their say in the general election held on November 7, 2023.



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