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Business Profile: Braveheart Highland Pub

Braveheart Highland Pub: Authentic Scottish Food in Pennsylvania


Located in the Borough of Hellertown, the Braveheart Highland Pub stands as a unique and authentic Scottish haven. This warm and welcoming establishment (their motto is ‘Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends’) offers visitors a taste of Scotland right in the heart of the Lehigh Valley.

With its rich history (the former site of the ‘Hellertown Hotel’), traditional décor, mouthwatering cuisine, and a wide array of beverages, ‘Braveheart’ has become a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike.

Image courtesy of Facebook

Opened in 2006 by owner Andy Lee, Braveheart is more than just a pub; it’s an experience. As you step inside, you’ll be transported to the heart of Scotland. The interior is filled with tartan patterns, dark wood, and various elements of Scottish culture – all creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Of course, the standout feature of Braveheart is its authentic Scottish cuisine. Their menu is comprehensive, offering numerous traditional Scottish dishes and appetizers.

Some of the delicious examples of their Scottish offerings include:

  1. Haggis: A classic Scottish dish made from minced sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs, mixed with spices and oatmeal, then encased in a sheep’s stomach. Don’t be put off by the description; it’s incredible.

  2. Fish & Chips: A British and Scottish favorite, Braveheart serves crispy, fresh cod fillets paired with thick-cut chips (fries).

  3. Shepherd’s Pie: A comforting dish featuring minced beef topped with creamy mashed potatoes.

  4. Scottish Eggs: Hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs, then deep-fried to perfection.

  5. Bangers & Mash: Sausage served with creamy mashed potatoes and onion gravy, a hearty and satisfying meal.

Along with their traditional (and authentic) Scottish fare, Braveheart offers an extensive selection of beverages, including an impressive list of Scotch whiskies, bourbons, craft beers, and cocktails. Scotch enthusiasts will enjoy the variety of single malts and blended whiskies.

Finally, Braveheart offers several entertainment options and events throughout the year, including community events, live entertainment, and bar trivia. Most notable is their annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration, which attracts hundreds of guests.

Braveheart Highland Pub is located at 430 Main Street, Hellertown, PA, 18055. They are open daily starting at 11:30am. For more information, please visit their website, found here, or call them at (610) 838-6555.

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